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    Bad breath is also called halitosis.  Bad breath can be cause by poor oral hygiene habits or can be a sign of other health issues.  Certain foods (such as garlic or onions) and other unhealthy lifestyle habits can also cause bad breath (such as smoking and chewing...

Sensitive Teeth

What causes sensitive teeth? Toothbrush and/or toothpaste damage may be the most frequent cause of sensitive teeth. By brushing too hard and/or using abrasive toothpaste, you may be removing tooth structure at the necks of your teeth. This can result in pain, especially to cold...

Fruits and Vegetables That Are Good For Your Teeth

  Since you were a little kid you heard people say “Eat your veggies,” since it’s widely known that getting more green in your diet is a good way to stay healthy. Eating fruits and vegetables are not only good for your overall health but your dental health as well. Greens...